SEEKER NEWS 10.5.2008

Tyhjiö is a part of Museoiden Yö event in Pori 17th May.

Tyhjiö will be a part of the big art event Museoiden Yö in Pori Art Museum in the 17th of May. This multifaceted artwork will be available for free experiment in a special room created for the different elements of the work. You can find the whole program of Museoiden Yö here

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SEEKER NEWS 11.2.2008

SEEKER5 slightly delayed.

The release of Kuka minä olen? (SEEKER5) - the audiovisual graphic novel is delayed but it will be out in a few months... more news soon.

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SEEKER NEWS 19.9.2007

Kuka minä olen? (SEEKER5) - the audiovisual graphic novel will be released in Autumn 2007!

The next SEEKER release is Kuka minä olen? (Who am I?) - an audiovisual graphic novel by Mikko Elo and Marko Alanen. Kuka minä olen? will be out in late 2007. To get a taste of what is to come, check out this TRAILER!

Neljä ilmansuuntaa 1

Kuka minä olen? (SEEKER5) - audiovisuaalinen sarjakuva julkaistaan syksyllä 2007!

SEEKERin seuraava julkaisu on Kuka minä olen? - Mikko Elon ja Marko Alasen luoma audiovisuaalinen sarjakuva. Kuka minä olen? ilmestyy loppuvuodesta 2007. Esimakua tulevasta tarjoaa teoksen TRAILER.

Neljä ilmansuuntaa 2

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SEEKER NEWS 21.8.2006

Tyhjiö goes interactive in Eurajoki, 26.8.

The audience has a unique opportunity to explore Tyhjiö on Saturday, 26th of August in Voltti-Talo, Eurajoki, Venetsialaiset culture event (more information: The different elements of Tyhjiö - the book, the CD and the DVD - are available for free experimentation in the A/V room of Voltti-Talo. Mikko Elo, one of the authors of Tyhjiö, will be visiting the room. The event begins at 13.00.

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SEEKER NEWS 12.8.2006

Tyhjiö on tour

Mikko Elo and Jarmo Karonen will give a presentation of Tyhjiö in Blue Sea Film Festival, Rauma and in Finncon science fiction and fantasy event, Helsinki.

Fri 18.8. at 20.30 Makasiini, Festivaalikeskus, Rauma
Sat 19.8. at 19.00 Lindahl-Sali, Paasitorni, Helsinki

Tyhjiö can be purchased from the authors at both events. Tyhjiö can also still be ordered by sending e-mail to SEEKER.

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